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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bring attention to early childhood care and education

"Code Blue Challenge - Do something imaginative in the last week of the federal election campaign to bring attention to early childhood care and education.

  • Take a field trip to your local campaign office to deliver the Code Blue "Report Card" on the federal parties' platforms
  • Pass out the Code Blue "Report Card" to parents wherever they gather - schools, playgrounds, coffee shops, swim classes, libraries 
  • Organize a small group to leaflet in a local mall or on a street corner to deliver the "Report Card". 
  • Add some fun with a Hokey Pokey Flash Mob, make up new lyrics to old favourites (Skinnamarink - "We need child care in the morning and in the afternoon")  
  • Share your action on YouTube!
  • Upload a message to voters and politicians to YouTube, spread the word on twitter and Facebook
  • Get the "Report Card" out in any way you can think of and report back to Code Blue on what you did!! 

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