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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Upcoming event in Ottawa - all are welcome

Event Takes Place Rain or Shine!
Facebook Group: Rally on Women's Rights in Canada! 2011 Federal Election

We want it now! This cannot wait ANOTHER generation!

Equal Pay For Equal Work!
Universal Childcare!
Safety & Inquiry into the 500+ Missing or Murdered Aboriginal Women!

Rendez Vous on Rideau and William St, in the Byward Market at 1pm.
Walking up Sparks St, and onto Bank until Sylvia Holden Park by Landsdowne at 3pm. RAIN OR SHINE.

A Walk through Ottawa's Downtown Core is planned to raise awareness on these issues as well as to inform politicians, policy makers, and community members that the Women of Canada stand United against the Human Rights Abuses, Economic Inequalities and Burdens faced by Canadian women for far too long.

All persons and groups are welcome to participate.
Any ideas for slogans are welcome on the wall of our facebook page!

This is a non violent, non disruptive march to gain attention from politicians and support from our communities.

We will be meeting 1pm (rideau and william), marching towards the sylvia holden park in the glebe around 3pm.

It's time to break the silence on Women's Rights in Canada!

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