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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Take a Girl to Vote!

Equal Voice Launches Take a Girl to Vote:
Calls on Canadians to Promote Political Engagement of Girls and Young Women

TORONTO – Equal Voice and partner organizations, Apathy is Boring, the Canadian Women’s Foundation, the Girls Action Foundation, the Girl Guides of Canada, The Historica-Dominion Institute and the YWCA Canada are asking voters to pledge to bring a girl to the polls on May 2nd.
Canadian women and men of all ages are encouraged to take a girl of pre-voting age to the ballot box on Election Day, May 2nd - whether it is their daughter, niece, neighbour, sibling or mentee.
“By committing to take a girl to the polls on Election Day, women and men are engaging young Canadians in the most fundamental democratic and political process that shapes our country”.

“We are appealing to all Canadians to join our cause of changing the face of politics, and this begins with engaging young women,” said Donna Dasko, National Chair, Equal Voice.
In advance of Election Day, these groups are raising awareness regarding the importance of politically motivating and educating young women and girls so that they become involved at every level of politics.
“Girls learn empowerment and leadership by example,” added Paulette Senior, CEO of YWCA Canada, the country’s oldest and largest multi-service women’s organization.  “The positive impact of Take a Girl to Vote is virtually limitless. Teaching girls to value voting is an important step toward ensuring that as adults, they feel fully entitled to participate in all levels of the electoral process, from casting a ballot to becoming prime minister.”
“Low voter turnout, particularly among youth, continues to be significant issue in Canada”, noted Ilona Dougherty, Executive Director, Apathy is Boring, whose goal is to increase youth voting rates, increase youth engagement in communities, and build a sustainable dialogue between young people and their elected officials. 
“By being introduced to the democratic process at an early age, young Canadians will be more inclined to participate in the future”. 
The Dominion Institute (The Historica-Dominion Institute) 2008 Youth Election Survey found that youth who discussed politics at home were three times more likely to vote. Further, youth who perceived voting as a responsibility (instead of a choice) were twice as likely to vote.
“The Take a Girl to Vote initiative speaks to the importance of early civic education as seen in our Youth Election Study, and offers a very meaningful opportunity to help improve youth voter turnout in the long run”, underscored Jeremy Diamond, Director, Development and Programs at The Historica-Dominion Institute.
With their membership of more than 100,000 girls and women, Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC) fosters the principles of female leadership building.  
Deborah Del Duca, CEO added that, “Promoting the election of more women to government in Canada not only provides a strong voice for women, but also helps to create strong role models for younger generations. 
The work of Equal Voice and the other organizations involved in this campaign exemplify core values of GGC – challenging and empowering Canadian girls in order to help them understand their responsibilities as citizens of Canada and the larger world.”
The Montreal based Girls Action Foundation added their voice to Equal Voice’s call to Take a Girl to Vote. 

“We work with young women who are passionate, who have ideas and who are committed to making a difference,” explained Tatiana Fraser, Executive Director.   “It is crucial that they understand the power of voting and the political process generally.”
Beverley Wybrow, the Executive Director of the Canadian Women’s Foundation added that “CWF invests in girls’ empowerment programs because we know that it often translates into increased civic engagement. It is crucial that young women become acquainted with the formal political process at a young age.”
Equal Voice is a national, multi-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to the election of more women to all levels of government. More information can be found at

For media inquiries on Take our Girls to Vote, please contact:
Nancy Peckford, Executive Director , Equal Voice– 613-292-7941
Amy Kishek, Youth Outreach Coordinator, Equal Voice – 613-608-7040

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